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Here at Multi-Media Pro we Pride ourself in making every single one of our customers feel that they've made a great decision. We understand that in every business theres competition, but with a winning attitude, we want to dominate your and our marketplace. And thats Exactly what we've done.

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We have a great track record of satisfied clients, that we've gotten to the top of the search engine rankings. Our main goal is to get your business on Google's 1st page. In most cases this will generate your company more income through, increased recognition in your area. Think about it, when people look for businesses in their area, they go online, if you can't be found, then your nowhere to be found. We will get you to the top.

About the Developer

Chris Garrett of Multi-Media Pro SEO Consulting has been offering SEO services for 13 years. Growing up in the Internet age, he realized the value of web development while working on a family owned business website for CIS Driving School.

He would be implementing Internet Marketing techniques and not even knowing it. He quickly learned the value of back links, and the many directories online. While in college he began to learn that online education is the best education , so he began taking classes online through schools like UC Berkeley, Art Institute and even MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology). Here be began to fall in love with codes such as HTML, CSS, JAVA-SCRIPT, and PHP.

With this knowledge he began to realize that his skill set was different from most SEO companies that would call his family owned business. After attending CSUN ( Cal-State-Northridge) and developing a well rounded balance in the media industry including Magazine development, Video Editing, Graphic Design, and Web. He began working with one of the most notorious Print Shops in Los Angeles Beasley Designs and Print. There he would learn Web Design and on a professional scale and he's been doing it ever since.